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Author Shawn Gardner knew that if he wanted to reach the public as a whole he would need another platform to be heard. He couldn’t just reach the youth, he had to reach their parents as well.


Shawn had to find a way to do just that. Signing up for a Creative Writing Course at Frostburg Center, unlocked a talent that he didn't know he had. The creative writing course allowed Shawn to embrace his gift for writing. He went on to write several books and self-published his first urban novel titled, "A Hustlaz Dreams & Nightmares." Shawn then went on to write a children’s book, "The Morals & Principle Pals: In The Track Meet”. Collaborating with his multi-talented friend and Illustrator Gregory Johnson, they partnered to create a children’s book that also included a curriculum unit book.


Shawn became an instructor of a Self-Publisher's Workshop which allowed about ten students to self-published their own books. He currently works as the Director of Interview content for State Vs. Us Magazine.  Additionally, Shawn is working as Executive Producer with 6 Hour Productions on a documentary and book series on current and previously incarcerated men and women. He has future plans various positive projects to give back to his community.

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