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Behind The Wall Mentors has just released our first quarterly magazine aimed at helping today's youth, titled "Behind The Wall Mentors Magazine". In an attempt to curb the mindset of our young children, we have collaborated with current and formerly incarcerated men to shed light and give an inside look into the lifestyles that contributed to men finding themselves behind these walls.

We are currently holding a $20.00 magazine donation fundraiser that will give us the opportunity to provide our magazine to each youth for no charge. It's our goal to have our magazine in the hands of all the youth in the Department of Juvenile Services nationwide. With your donation, you or your organization will receive a certificate of contribution and a thank you letter from BTW Mentors Director.

BTW Mentors want to reach the youth before they are released, so our communities can be much safer. We believe, that if the youth can hear powerful testimonies from men who were once on the same path, these stories can promote change before it's too late and leaves our youth fighting for their life.

Please contact us by phone, email, or DM us on our social media, if you would like to make a difference!!


Kind Regards,

Behind The Wall Mentors, Founder

Shawn Gardner

Phone: (443) 442-9247

Mentor line: (240) 356-0353


Instagram @btwmentors

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