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The M&P Pals consist of six young boys, whose names are, Respectful Robby, Loyal Lonnie, Honorable Harry, Integrity Ike, Honest Henry, and Responsible Ricky. Their track coach’s name is Success. He is a positive role model that trains them for a track meet against their opponents. Their opponent's names are Lazy Levi, Unreliable Reese, Angry Andre, Dishonest Dave, and Rude Roy. The track meet shows examples of positive character building. It opens a line of communication with parents and their children on the importance of setting high morals and principles.

The book is filled with colorful illustrations and a positive message for children. The M&P Pals will help children understand that it’s important to have morals and principles if they want to be successful in life.


Our curriculum unit is designed to teach the concepts of Morality and Principles using children and adolescent literature. It is intended to build the confidence of young children and teach them to be aware of the consequences due to choices in their lives so they are able to make productive decisions. Children will read "The Morals and Principle Pals In The Track Meet", using the characters in the book to identify character traits that build success in life. The culminating project will create a presentation that shows others how to utilize the life skills learned in the unit.

The unit focuses on children in elementary or middle school. It is appropriate for schools, after-school programs, and summer programs. Contact M&P Pals Enterprise by e-mail about the curriculum unit


Shawn Gardner, author, activist, and entrepreneur has sponsored book drives, back-to-school drives  and is the creator of a mentoring program designed and dedicated to assisting troubled youth. He is an accomplished author and publisher of two books.



As an avid mentor, I wrote, "The Morals and Principle Pals In The Track Meet" to enlighten children on the meaning of morals and principles.

In several different mentoring sessions and through reading posts on social media, I noticed a trend in the lack of respect that some of our children demonstrated. I hope that "The Morals and Principle Pals" book and curriculum unit will help our children, our future leaders, learn through fun and excitement, the true morals and principles that will guide them to successful and happy lives. 


Special Thanks to Dr. Catherine M. Gardner  Professor of Education at Mercer University’s  Tift College of Education for her contribution. -ASG


Gregory Johnson is an avid reader of self-help books and loves to write books that help the reader tap into their potential. He is a self-taught artist and the illustrator of " The Morals and Principle Pals". Gregory is alson an author of many poems and personal novels.


Understanding that there is a difference between having good morals and principles versus bad morals and principles, I was inspired to help create "The Morals and Principle Pals" to try and reach the youth. I want them to understand that they sometimes look toward adults for guidance, but sometimes we fail them. Therefore, we must invest more time in our young people because they are our future.


Taking something extremely valuable and complex and turning it into a fun experience that benefits the youth, helps them be successful in life, and cultivates true core values supported by good morals and principles is my goal.

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