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Behind the Wall Mentors & Downtown Cultural Art Center Presents


#Roads2Redemption event gives women and men who were formerly and currently incarcerated a platform to tell their stories. The event gave a showcase for those men and women to display their growth through their published works, programs, artwork, and businesses. This event was successful and shined a light on their stories and growth. #Roads2Redemption brings light to the community and our voices where conversations of both criminal justice reform and mental health awareness are spotlighted.​Check out some of the amazing people and businesses below!

Road 2 Redemption

J.S. Russell


Street dreams turned nightmares

The ripple effect


What once was thought of as a chance of elevating

Had consequences beyond playa hatin’

Standing before a judge as the gavel shatters life

The ends did not justify the means it seems

Now serving life part of the Road 2 Redemption

 The catalyst for change


Because this ain't livin

What was I missing?


Then decide to receive and give mentoring

There is a better way

The revolution will be televised

The revolution will be televised

I'm not the last poet

Scenes will be streamed on youtube

Listen to me on Prison Riot Radio and Unforbidden Truth

Messages directed to the youth

Sharing life experience

Me and my men are proof


Over a century incarcerated

Our minds

Over 20 books self-published

We're dedicated

Exemplifying our transformation

Through education

Hundreds of books read

Then application

The desire

Reformation across the nation


To prevent us, meaning the babies, from feeling the pain and frustration of these cages

There is another way to grow from trial and tribulation

All we ask is that you help us with our classification

Post pandemic lockdown is short of staff prevents us from doing our work here

We’d rather affect change with our work before hand out there

Free the mentors

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