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Two Faced: A Baltimore State of Mind Vol. 1 & 2

Two Faced: Baltimore State of Mind Vol. 1 & 2 are now available for purchase on Amazon.

Both Available Now on Amazon!

One of Baltimore City’s greatest tourist attractions is crabs. While many of its out of town guests are on the Inner Harbor, enjoying the euphoria of blue crabs and crab cakes… The inner city residents have succumbed to a euphoria of their own; they have fallen into the abyss of the “crab in the barrel” mentality. Very few make it in the drug game, and those who do, always have someone trying to pull them back down. Ice was at the top of the drug game, he had it all, money, respect, street fame and a good educated woman named Sarsha that supported his every move. He met his quote, paid his dues and became one of the most successful trap stars in Baltimore. And just when he was about to exit the drug game, his whole world came crashing in by Two-Faced tactics. In this gripping novel, “Two-Faced” A Baltimore state of mind, gives you a 3-D view of the vicious, cut-throat street mentality that Baltimore has come to live by. It brings you face to face with the real and chilling definition of the few who straddle the thin line of “Trust & Betrayal” Loyalty & Disloyalty” and “Love & Hate.” You know what they say you can never be too safe when your family and friends are Two-Faced.

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