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BTWM: Who Are We?

Salutations, I am writing on behalf of Behind the Wall Mentors, a non-profit 501-C-3 organization dedicated to rebuilding the mindset of the youth across America and supporting the rehabilitation and reintegration of the youth whom have been committed to the Department of Juvenile Services (DJS). We want to prevent them from entering the adult prison system. Our organization seeks to provide educational resources that help young people while they are in detention and support their transition to success once they are released from the (DJS). We believe that our Behind the Wall Mentors magazine issue 1, incarcerated youth edition, donation program is an impactful way to foster positive change in the lives of these young people, our goal is to encourage, teach and inspire. That way they will not have to enter the adult prison system. We are requesting funding support to expand our efforts in donating magazines to incarcerated youth or those still connected with the (DJS) in Maryland and Washington DC. This funding will help us to purchase more magazines, to cover printing costs, and expand our distribution network. We are confident that our magazine, donation program will benefit thousands of youths who may just need guild ness to stay away from a life of crime. We would like to thank your time. Have a blessed day. Kind Regards, Shawn Gardner, Founder Phone: (443)442-9247 Instagram: @btwmentors

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